The Walking Bicycle

Two friends and I decided to actually fabricate one my more ambitious ideas, a pedal powered walking bicycle.

Initial 3D print of walking bike concept
Layout design for bike

We literally reinvented the wheel with this project. The idea was inspired by Theo Jansen’s strand beests creations. We adapted his mechanism to a bicycle to create an amazing effect of an almost life like, rideable walking bike.

The project took about 8 months, working 3 evenings a week, and finally it was done, and ridden in the Santa Barbara summer solctice parade.

A year later the bike went viral on the internet and was reported on all over the world.  We were shocked at what an impression it made.  We were then invited to exhibit the bike at the San Francisco Exploratorium with Theo Jansen’s actual Strandbeests.  It was an exciting experience for us all.

Exhibiting at the San Francisco Exploratorium

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