Space Command Paladin Model

We were contracted by a TV series called “Space Command” to make 24 models of their main spacecraft called the “Paladin.”  We’ve never done this before, and decided a 3D print, followed by a mold and castings in resin would be the best way to go.

First we asked for a digital file from the client of the Paladin model which was used for the special effects in the production.  I modified it in Z-Brush and prepared it for 3D printing.  This is the model from the print contractor.

Finished 3D print.

The next step was to get a mold and castings of the 3D print.  We hired another company to do this.

Fresh castings from our subcontractor.

The client had us go through several iterations on the paint job.  We supplied a “metallic” finish, but it was not shiny enough.  So we tried many products until we found an exotic paint that needed a gloss coat of black followed by a thin layer of liquid metal on top.  It has the look of polished aluminum.  The decals were done with a small die casting machine we have.

Decals being cut
A screenshot from the series we used for reference for finish and decals.


A batch of finished models, with metallic paint and custom decals.
Finished model

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